Unique Data Recovery Can Help You Retrieve Data

If your situation falls in one of the following scenarios, you can definitely use our data retrieval service

  • Hard drive not recognized by the system’s BIOS
  • Error messages like “No operating system found"
  • Error messages like “Drive or device not found"
  • Incorrectly modified media’s file control index
  • Hard drive was dropped that caused internal physical damage
  • Mechanical failure of the moving components inside hard drive
  • Computer no longer boots up due to power failure, outage or surge
  • Unable to access your operating system due to Disk error
  • Data can't be accessed
  • Unable to access your data in your system that can normally be retrieved
  • Blue screen errors
  • Hard drive is formatted
  • File is deleted
  • Fire or water damage
  • Data unreadable by computer
  • Computer hangs/freezes or reboots
  • Hard drive corrupted or crashed
  • Hard drive clicking or grinding
  • Damage due to virus or malware infection


Never Hit the hard drive / tap it with a screw driver

Never Drop/ Heat OR Freeze it. Your hard drive is made up of electronic and magnetic components. Such steps only can aggravate the problem and cause serious damage to the disk and permanent data loss

If there is a firmware problem, replacement of a defected logic board with a identical one using same firmware version may not solve the problem as some manufactures, All self experiments only cause further damage.

Never open the hard disk. Hard disks strictly can be opened in class 100 clean rooms. If you open it anywhere else, you cause further irreversible damage to your disk and invaluable data.