External Hard Drive Data Recovery

With the availability of high-speed internet connections, people can download huge files and documents onto their own personal computers and laptops. But constant downloading of these files, leave their personal computers to go out of space, and hence go for external hard disk drives. Even in offices, external hard disks are used to store previous year data. Hence, data loss in these external disks can wipe you out of all your previous data unless you approach a company like ours for External Hard Drive Data Recovery.

We are one of the leading service providers of external Hard Drive Data Recovery Bangalore and is equipped with a special External Hard Drive Data Recovery software that can recover all kinds of data from all brands of hard disks including Seagate, Sony, HP, Toshiba, Transcend, WD and Dell etc.

Physical Damage

Even though the external hard disks are portable and provide an easy option to carry it along wherever you can, there is also a possibility of physical damage to the disks by dropping the disk, or accidentally damaging during transport. When you power on the external hard disk, and if you hear a ticking noise, then you can be assured that you have the problem at hand. In some cases you may hear a buzzing sound, which indicates a damage to spindle inside the external hard disk.

Our External Hard Drive Data Recovery experts can determine the problem quickly, whether there is any damage done to the Read / Write headers or damage to the motor or the spindle and recover the data in no time.

Over Heating

If you are using an external hard disk for a long time and at places there are low ventilation and air. Some of the new models provide an inbuilt fan to cool-down the heat generated. Some of the common symptoms of over-heating include hearing a ticking/buzzing sound, or the drive not recognizable suddenly.

When you notice any of these problems, many people try to solve the issues themselves by scanning the hard disk using software’s like Norton, Scandisk etc., not knowing that they are damaging the disk even more and making it all the more tough for people like us to recover the data.

Generally, problems associated with overheating can be resolved as external Hard Drive Data Recovery can be done quickly and easily than problems occurred due to mishandling or dropping of your external hard disks.

Low Cost, Quick Turnaround

When it comes to External Hard Drive Data Recovery cost, most of the recovery service companies cost exorbitantly but we have fixed charges for every type of external Hard Drive Data Recovery and charge only for the work we do. We don’t receive any upfront fees and no hidden costs involved and provide you with a detailed initial estimate with time required to deliver superior service to our customers. And all our skilled recovery engineers are well qualified and experienced to recover all encrypted files and drives. And you can be rest assured that your data is safe with us.