Clean Room

A cleanroom environment provides a safe and secure environment that enables to uncase your already damaged hard drive from being further damaged and helps to recover as much data as possible. A clean room data recovery is helpful if the drive is completely damaged and when data cannot be recovered by our experts from your place, it is brought to our place and opened in a most secure HDD clean room.

Safe and Secure Environment

Our hard drive data recovery clean room follows all the standards and protocols required for working with the damaged hard disk. One of the main reasons that severely damaged or corrupt hard disks are operated inside the confines of clean room as even tiny dust particles can accumulate over the hard disk, making the R/W heads of the disk to malfunction and data retrieval can be a big problem.

Security of your data is our topmost concern and hence we follow strict security standards and procedures in handling your hard disk in our class 100 clean room data recovery room. All our staff are checked thoroughly for professional and behavioural standards before hiring into our concern and our clean room is equipped with security cameras and secured access ways.

Lowest Rates

Also, our clean room data recovery cost is one of the lowest when compared to other competitors, as we don’t charge any hidden or any special charges like most of the clean room data recovery service companies, when charging specifically for clean room data recovery.

Research and Development

Our expert team of clean room recovery experts undergo frequent training in order to update them with the latest trends in the field of data recovery. Hard disk manufacturing companies are constantly working on new technology to increase the efficiency of the hard disks in terms of memory, R/W speed and capacity etc. Hence, your recovery engineers need to keep up with the latest advancements for performing a successful recovery in one of the latest hard disks.

Quick Turn-around Time

Our expert clean room experts have loads of experience in this specific field and hence knew exactly the easiest way to recover data in the quickest possible time, as we understand that every minute counts. We only work on the copy of your hard disk image copied on to another server, so that your original disk remains is preserved as much possible. Once the data is retrieved, a copy is sent to you to check for yourself, if everything is retrieved and all your important data is present. We also keep most of the inventory in our stores, so that we don’t want to wait for inventory to be delivered, which may delay the process of data retrieval.

No Copies Retained

We never retain any copy of the data recovered or any servers copied as image from the original, as everything is completely erased using proprietary tools. So that you can ensure that our clean room data recovery service is safe and secure. Upon request from the customer, we can also provide a certificate of destruction of all data obtained from the client for data recovery.

What is a class 100 clean room?

A clean room is an environment where air born particulates are controlled through an exchange of highly filtered air using a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtering system, and through minimization of activities that generate particles. A class 100 clean room maintains less than one hundred particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air space. In addition to particle control, the clean room is temperature and humidity controlled to 70F, 45% RH.

Why Clean Room?

While performing data recovery, it is extremely important to prevent dust particles to come in contact with the hard drives or the media you are working with. There is a small gap in between the read write head(s) and the platter(s) in a hard drive. Dust particles or smoke may damage the data area by penetrating into the gap due to which recovery of data becomes impossible. Since the experts recommend to work in a filtered air environment while carrying out recoveries, we have designed and developed the clean room chamber to fulfill this very objective.

Hard Drives Must Be Opened In a Clean Room

Hard drives are assembled in a clean room which is cleaner than a surgery room. Any piece of dust on the platters or any other component inside the disk drive can ruin the drive and the data stored on it. If you suspect a mechanical failure, stop using your hard drive immediately and it shut down. You must never be tempted to open your hard disk drive. By doing so you are placing the internal assembly of the drive at risk of contamination which may destroy the data and drastically reduce the chances of future attempts to have the data professionally retrieved by a Clean Room Hard Drive Recovery Specialist.

Furthermore, when your drive is not being serviced, it remains protected in our UL Class 2 security vault for safekeeping. Additionally, all of our equipment, state-of-the-art technologies and procedures allow us to spec out class 100 operations. Your data couldn’t be in better hands than at The Unique Data Recovery Clean room facility.