Encryption Data Recovery

Normal data recovery from hard disks is not a problem when it required recovering data from an encrypted device, it involves some special set skills and experience to attend to the problem. Encryption Device Data Recovery is not attempted by most of the companies, as they don’t have the necessary skill and advanced encrypted data recovery software to decrypt and recover the lost data from the device.

Nowadays, devices are encrypted to protect the data from being copied or exposed to the wrong hands. Hence, system administrators enforce strong encryptions techniques to safeguard all official and important data, which can be a bit tricky to recover, if the disk gets damaged or corrupted, resulting in data loss.

Disk encryption is common nowadays and can be accomplished either through the help of a software or hardware, which means every bit of data that enters the disk is encrypted, and thus preventing unauthorized persons from accessing and reading the data. If there is an Emergency Recovery Information file present in the disk, then the data can be easily recovered with the help of an encrypted data recovery software.

According to our experts, the recovery process can also be made easier, if the built-in admin account for the hard disk can be recovered. Our specialized and advanced encrypted data recovery software can restore all kinds of hidden and encrypted files easily at cheap Encryption Device Data Recovery cost when compared to other service providers.

Engineers create sector-by-sector images of the source drive during the recovery process—your original data is never compromised

Sector-by-sector image can be transferred to a target drive and returned with original encryption still intact

We can recover from media encrypted with the following software

  • Encryption
  • Bitlocker
  • Pointsec
  • Checkpoint
  • Mcafee
  • Safeboot
  • Endpoint
  • PGP
  • True Crypt

If your encryption software is not listed above, we are still able to help. Some of our recovery techniques are unique and developed in-house to work with any encrypted media. Please contact us on 099 805 94 205 and talk to one of our engineers about our data recovery services.