Mobile Phone/Tablet Data Recovery

With the advent of smartphones with superior storage capabilities and ultimate usage applications, Mobile phones are not just used only for communicating with other people, but is now one of the main utility device for most people.

Mobile phones and tablets are susceptible to data loss, given the conditions of its extreme usage and frequent downloads of personal applications intended for official and personal uses. With our premier Mobile phone data recovery services, we can provide ultimate solutions in recovering all your personal and official data, in case your mobile phone crashes.

Maximum Data Retrieval

Even though most of the smart phones offer back-up options not many uses this feature to back up their important photos, contacts and documents. Our mobile phone data recovery solution can recover all kinds of files from your smartphone / tablets including:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • SMS Messages
  • And documents

Android Mobile Data Recovery

When coming to Android mobile data recovery, most of the companies only concentrate or specialized in retrieving data from the external SD card or the expansion storage, but not on the internal memory, because it requires special skill in retrieving data from the internal memory of mobile phone/ tablet, which can be easily retrieved with the help of expert recovery engineers.

All OS Supported

Our skillful engineers can recover data from mobile phones of all kinds, including mobile phones having the major operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows. We always believe that any data loss is no permanent, unless declared by us, as we put our hearts out in order to provide ultimate customer service at competitive mobile phone data recovery cost.

All Brands Supported

Our Mobile phone data recovery software can recover data from all kinds of brands and models of mobile phones including Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Microsoft, HTC and so on. One of the common mistakes that people do is provide the mobile phone to a service company without getting any guarantee of when it’s going to be delivered.

The reason mobile phone data recovery is a complex job, because mobile phones have a smaller circuit when compared to desktops, and hence require skilled professionals to deal with your personal mobile phone. And all data stored inside an SD card is not part of mobile/smartphone recovery, as they are treated outside of mobile phone data recovery and billed as memory card data recoveries.

Our Approach

We initially analyze your mobile phone or tablet to check whether the media is accessible and what is the problem and provide you with a detailed quote along with a time estimate. If the media is not accessible, then our expert technicians work out a thorough analysis with your consent to determine the extent of damage and will tell you clearly within a day or two the actual time-estimate needed to retrieve all-important documents from your mobile phone. Once your device is on our hand, we attempt all sort simple methods and techniques

The size of mobile phones and tablets places them at risk of accidental damage and data loss. A jumble of applications and poor operating environments can also result in users being locked out of files and folders. Unique data recovery services rescue lost files and folders from All makes and models of faulty mobile phones and tablets.

  • Typical Mobile Phone Data Recovery
  • Deleted Files, Folders, Texts
  • Damaged Screen
  • Damaged, Electronic and Electrical
  • Recover deleted files from Android, Windows, I Phones, Tablet or Micro SD card
  • Recovery service for all popular devices such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Google and I phone etc.
  • Support all data loss situations, such as, deleted files, formatting, restoring factory settings, OS error, rooting and others.
  • Extremely fast turnaround times on all recovery service cases.