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Unique Data Recovery is Bangalore based data recovery company, we have a professional data recovery team to recover data. We offer cost effective data recovery service in Bangalore and other cities in India. We offer professional and fast data recovery service which include Hard disk data recovery, Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery, External Hard Drive Data Recovery, Solid State Drive Data Recovery, RAID, Server & NAS Data Recovery, Encryption Device Data Recovery, Database & File Recovery, Mobile/Tablet Data Recovery, Operating system Data Recovery and Emergency Data Recovery.

Unique Data Recovery Services in Bangalore

Unique Data Recovery is one of the leading data recovery company in Bangalore with over two decades of experience in Data recovery services. We are also one of the most renowned and trusted name in and around Bangalore and the whole of South India for providing reliable and affordable data recovery service. We provide professional data recovery service at affordable cost.

We are proud to have highly skilled and qualified team of data recovery experts who can recover data from any stage of damage, corruption or file loss. Our team undergoes frequent training and attend a lot of seminars with the leading hard disk manufactures to understand the latest trends in hard disk technology, so that to keep with the advancements and also to enable them to develop new and innovative techniques for providing the best data recovery service possible. Our success is largely attributed to our team of recovery specialists, who constantly thrive to improve their skills each and every day and thus elevating our company to one best company dealing with Data recovery in Bangalore.

Data Recovery Service Provider in Bangalore

We aim at providing efficient services to diagnose and recover all kinds of data including: Hard Drive Data Recovery, Laptop Hard Disk Data Recovery, External Hard Drive Data Recovery, Solid State Drive Data Recovery, RAID, Server & NAS Data Recovery, Encryption Device Data Recovery, Database & File Recovery, Mobile/Tablet Data Recovery, Operating system Data Recovery, Emergency Data Recovery

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Why Choose us?

We are fully equipped with the latest technology and advanced data recovery software to deal with all kinds of emergencies and all brands and models of hard disks, RAID Servers, External Hard disks etc. Our clean room facility is a Class 100 certified clean room for precise and accurate data recovery with 100% results achieved in all our recovery projects.

  • We provide superior Data recovery solution at competitive data recovery charges
  • We never compromise on quality procedures across all levels of data recovery process.
  • We stand by our commitment, that no data should be lost and provide ultimate satisfaction to our customers
  • The Fastest Turnaround Times Available Anywhere
  • Advanced Equipment and Proprietary Technology
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Frequently Asked Question's

How can we trust Unique Data Recovery with our data?
Safety, Security and confidentiality are the core principles that govern our business. We only tend to lose our reputation and name through indiscretion, which will affect our business the same as yours. We store all your original disks safely in an access controlled environment where only recovery specialists only has access and tight security also provided.
Do you have a clean room?
Yes, of course we do have a Class 100 cleanroom with all the advanced and latest technology to handle with all kinds of emergencies and data loss issues in all kinds of brands and models of hard disks. You are always welcome to visit the cleanroom facility, before sending your disk for data recovery.
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Will I get my original disk back?
Yes, we do return your original disk back even if it’s completely damaged and unusable. As per our company policy, we won’t hold any kind of customer property even though non-functional, as there may still data pertaining to the customer will be there and according to data protection laws, no customer data should be with for more than a certain time period
How will you return the recovered data?
Depending upon your request, all your recovered data will be returned in a CD, DVD or any external hard disks provided by you, based on the amount of data involved.
What is your turn around time?
Once our expert team has made their initial analysis of the hardware and approves that the data can be recovered, we normally take around 3-4 working days. If it is an emergency requirement, we can do a quick service too based on your needs.
How much does data recovery cost?
Our prices are competitive when compared to other service providers. We don’t charge if the recovery is not done, unless there is some analysis required to identify whether the recovery is possible or not. We also don’t charge hidden fees or basic diagnosis charges.
What Is Data Recovery?
Simply put, data recovery is a system of processes used to recover lost data from a variety of sources, including hard disk drives, SSD’s, servers, or tape backups, mobile phones/tablet. Performed by trained experts, data recovery is the last resort when all other methods, including commercial software, fail.
How long does data retrieval take?
Each project is different and requires unique processes and timelines. Upon receipt of damaged media, Unique Data Recovery will provide a report within one business day outlining the specifics required to perform the data recovery. While some projects may require several days, even weeks, about 75% of all jobs have a turnaround time of less than 48 hours.
What is your success rate?
Don't be fooled by exaggerated claims of a 100% success rate. Data recovery can be a complicated process with inherent physical and logical limitations that determine what can actually be done. Even if a sales person sounds convincing, it doesn't mean that engineers know how to handle complicated recoveries. Unique Data Recovery has a proven track record of 90%+ success and often recovers data other companies can't.
My drive makes a clicking noise
An abnormal clicking or grinding noise is a sign of a physical drive failure. Continued use of a drive in this state can cause additional damage and may lead to permanent data lost. The drive should be immediately powered down and assistance sought from a hardware data recovery service.
What operating and file systems can you recover data from?
Our recovery engineers have recovered data from all types of systems. The most common types are NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, MS-DOS, OS/2, Linux, UNIX, VMFS, Apple Macintosh, Novell NetWare, Sun Solaris, QNX, & BSD-based systems.
What is a class 100 clean room?
A clean room is an environment where air born particulates are controlled through an exchange of highly filtered air using a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtering system, and through minimization of activities that generate particles. A class 100 clean room maintains less than one hundred particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air space. In addition to particle control, the clean room is temperature and humidity controlled to 70F, 45% RH.
What types of data storage media can be recovered by Unique Data Recovery?
We recover data from virtually every kind of storage device: individual hard drives(Desktop, Laptop, External), multiple hard disk sets (RAID, SAN, NAS, striped and mirrored volumes, etc.),Solid State Drive (SSD), Mobile phone/Tablet, removable disk cartridges, diskettes, tape media, CD, DVD, re-writable and write-once (WORM) optical cartridges, USB flash drives, and digital data memory cards
I want to bring my drive(s) in. How do I get to your locations?
Data Recovery Group has three convenient locations strategically located to best serve you. If you prefer to bring your drive(s) in to one of our locations click on the links below for directions
How do I ship my hard drive?
It is extremely important your hard drive is packaged carefully to avoid any additional damage during shipment. Only your drive is required for data recovery. If we are required to remove a hard drive from the computer an additional charge will apply.
Packaging the Hard Drive
Wrap the hard drive in an anti-static material. If an anti-static bag is not available to you, a freezer bag will suffice. We recommend shipping the drive in its original manufacturer's packaging. If this is not possible, pack the hard drive in a sturdy corrugated cardboard box twice the size of the drive, with heavy foam padding, bubble wrap or other anti-vibration materials. Do not use Styrofoam peanuts as they attract static electricity. Be sure the padding material is at least two inches thick around the drive. Water Damaged Hard Drives if your drive has suffered water damage, please do not dry it. Enclose the drive along with a damp sponge in a sealed plastic bag to prevent it from drying out. Recovery is more likely if our engineers receive the drive before it has dried.
Controller Boards
When recovering from older models, we may need you to send the controller along with the drive. Please remove the controller carefully, enclose in an anti-static material and ship along with the drive.
Please package all other types of media, following the guidelines above for a typical hard drive.
Ship the drive directly to the recovery facility
Do I have to provide all hard disk drives of my RAID if just one of them is corrupted?
Yes, you have to send us all the disks of the RAID.
How long will it take to do the evaluation?
Typically we have a 2 – 5 day turnaround on evaluations. We do have emergency services available for a 24 hour evaluation. Of course the extent of the situation, and damage of the storage media, will ultimately determine how long it takes. We take all precautions in preserving your data as it is when we receive it. This includes imaging the drive and this can take some time depending upon the drive’s condition and its storage capacity. We will always communicate with you and we are available for your questions 24/7 via email and telephone.
What if my media has a manufacturer warranty?
If any warranty seals must be broken, we will advise if we have authorization. Nothing will be done to void your media warranty, without your explicit approval. Will provide a letter from our side.
Can you put my restored data back to the media I send to you?
We offer a wide variety of media which we can return your valuable data on. Although we can usually return your data on the same hard drive that it was submitted on, we highly recommend that we return your data on a different hard drive or, ideally, a media which is much more difficult to corrupt, such as a CD or DVD. If you are submitting a hard drive because the data loss was global, such as where the hard drive was unrecognizable to the system due to a logical error, we can usually repair the damage to the hard drive, but there is a high probability that the drive can be damaged in the same way some time after restoration. If the hard drive is physically damaged it is not worth the cost to repair the damage, when your data can be transferred to a non damaged unit. In most cases, repairing a hard drive with physical damage is much more expensive than replacing it with a newer, more reliable unit.
What is your "Data Recovery Guarantee?"
If we cannot recover any of your data, you pay nothing for our recovery service. Not even an evaluation fee. You only pay for shipping if you would like your equipment returned to you.*(The small exception is special expedited recoveries do have a minimum fee.)
Can I send you an empty hard drive and have you write my recovered data to that?
Yes. If you have or purchase an empty hard drive that can fit your recovered data, you can send it to us with your faulty equipment. We can then write your recovered data to the empty drive and return both to you. We will even discount your recovery if you do not need the included free hard drive.

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